I am so proud to be associated with The Wisdom Coalition – I had the opportunity to be interviewed by Nancy Werteen of WFMZ for the Wisdom Wednesday series. It was an honor to share my thoughts along with other women for the show: Life Lessons – Wisdom Wednesday. Here are a few excerpts from the show:


Passion and Purpose

“When you connect the goal and the enthusiasm, it’s like an arrow pointing to the goal and you have that energy and enthusiasm and you’re just going straight toward that arrow and yet you’re enjoying the journey, that’s what the passion is about.” Dr. Carol-Anne Minski, President CMA Leadership Consultants http://www.wfmz.com/features/life-lessons/life-lessons-wisdom-wednesday-passion-and-purpose_20161028032215456/133798023


“We can go crazy in our busy lives if we don’t refuel, you just don’t have the energy to move forward. The things that I do if I am totally exhausted and just don’t have that momentum anymore, I like to go back to meditation, take deep breaths just one step at a time just breath and meditate.” Dr. Carol-Anne Minski,
President CMA Leadership Consultants 


Trust and Betrayal
“What is important to do is not confront it but accept it and talk to that individual you think has betrayed you. Tell them what’s going on for you and either they owe you an apology or you were wrong or you had the wrong perception and come to that acceptance. If you can’t then I think it’s important to walk away.” Dr. Carol-Anne Minski, President CMA Leadership Consultants


Dreams and Aspirations

“On my desk I have a quote, ‘If you can dream it, you can do it.’ It’s by Walt Disney and it’s very inspirational. I look at it every day. And I would say fill yourself with positive aspirations, positive affirmations and look forward to those dreams because when you attach a dream to a goal you really do achieve a lot in your life.” Dr. Carol-Anne Minski, President CMA Leadership Consultants


“Regret is a very serious topic because it has to do a lot of times with perception.
Personally I try to live without regret. So don’t have regrets, turn them in to a wish. Think about the end of your life and what you wish you would have accomplished and then add a goal to that and you won’t have regrets. Dr. Carol-Anne Minski,

President CMA Leadership Consultants